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Trim Fit 60's

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Increase fat metabolism, support detoxification, improve bowel movement.
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  • Product Description

    • In Chinese medicine theory, “yin/yang” imbalance and poor circulation are the factors contribute to obesity. Obesity can be treated and improved as long as it is not caused by medication.

      YI SHI YUAN TRIM FIT – a combination of modern technology and exclusive prescription, helps improve obesity by natural detoxification. It contains high quality ingredients specially formulated to support perfect body shape and skin condition. It is an exquisite product providing the best result in slimming, beauty and healthy.

      Green tea and aloe are the ingredients in Trim Fit to help improve digestive function and bowel movement, hence reduce the accumulated waste in human body. However, a balanced diet and regular exercise are highly recommended for better result.

      Quantity: 450mg x 60 capsules

      Each batch of products is tested and proven safe without any content of Western medicine.

  • Benefits

    • 1. Increase fat metabolism.
      3. Support general detoxification.
      3. Improve bowel movement.
      4. Assist in relieving water retention.
      5. Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

  • Ingredients

    • Each 350mg capsule contains raw herbs as below:

      决明子提取物 Semen Cassiae Extract..........125.00mg
      绞股蓝提取物 Herba Gynostemmatis Pentaphylli Extract..........90.00mg
      泽泻提取物 Rhizoma Alismatis Extract..........62.50mg
      荷叶提取物 Folium Nelumbinis Extract..........62.50mg
      藤黄果提取物 Garcinia Cambogia Extract..........34.00mg
      乌龙茶提取物 Oolong Tea Extract..........34.00mg
      绿茶提取物 Green Tea Extract..........22.00mg
      芦荟 Aloe..........20.00mg

  • How to Use

    • Recommended Dosage:
      Take 2 capsules, 1-2 times daily (preferably 30 minutes before meal).

      Take as a dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children.

      No known side effects and contraindications.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Q: Is there any side effect of taking Trim Fit?
      A: TRIM FIT is made by 100% pure natural herbs. Therefore, it provides no side effect and is 100% safe for consumption.

      Q: Can fast result of slimming be achieved by taking Trim Fit?
      A: It depends on individual’s body conditions. Trim Fit helps mainly in detoxification and metabolism. A balanced diet and regular exercise are highly recommended during the period of taking Trim Fit. Try to avoid high-fat, high-calorie foods for faster improvement.

      Q: Can Trim Fit cause diarrhoea?
      A: Trim Fit does not contain any laxatives. It helps improve bowel movement instead of causing diarrhoea.

      Q: Can men safely take Trim Fit?
      A: Yes. Trim Fit is suitable for both men and women.

      Q: Can people with sensitive stomach take Trim Fit?
      A: Yes. However, it is encouraged to start with 1 capsule per day first. Amount of capsules taken can be increased gradually if it does not cause any adverse effect.

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