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Beauty Buddy 750ml

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Promote blood cell production, relieve cold hands & feet, healthy skin complexion.
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  • Product Description

    • Beauty Buddy is the latest health care product exquisitely developed by Yi Shi Yuan. This product is a traditional recipe crafted by our professional Chinese medicine practitioners with precious natural and authentic herbs. It is alcohol-free and improves the blood circulation throughout the whole body, ensuring that the essential body parts receive the active ingredients. This results in smooth and renewed skin with a healthy and rosy complexion while building up a strong, natural and healthy body. It is a health product that boosts your vital energy and gives you a natural radiance. Beauty Buddy is a subtle health supplement that is suitable for the frail who are unable to ingest stronger tonic. It can be safely consumed by both genders of all age groups.

      The Importance of Beauty and Nourishment

      Qi (vital energy) and blood is the foundation of a person's health and beauty and the source of life. As the famous TCM saying goes, “Qi is the governor of the Blood, Blood is the mother of Qi.” Qi moves the blood while Blood provides sufficient nutrition for Qi. If the human body is being compared to a growing seedling, Qi represents the sunlight and blood represents rain. Both are fundamental substances in forming the body and maintaining the vital activities, just as sunlight and rain promote the growth of the seedling. A deficiency in Qi and blood can lead to a decline in the body's immune system, lowering its resistance to illnesses. The main symptoms are fatigue and weakness, dizziness, increased sensitivity to cold, heart palpitations and insomnia, loss of appetite, pale complexion, cold limbs, dry skin, numb or tingling feeling in your hands and feet, decreased pinkness of the lips and nailbeds, etc.

      The body will relay warning signs and symptoms when it is weak. When there is insufficient Qi (vital energy) and blood, the body will show the deficiency through the little details in life. For instance, when taking a walk, a slow jog or other light exercises, the body might exhibit symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigue etc. You might also experience extreme fatigue after doing daily household chores, the lack of strength to lift heavy objects, the frequent need to lie down to rest, shortness of breath and dizziness when sitting up for too long or on standing up. Other symptoms include the inability to focus when working or when studying, frequent occurrence of a blur vision, insomnia and frequent signs of forgetfulness etc.

      How to Distinguish if There is a Sufficient Flow of Qi and Blood in the Body?

        Insufficient Qi and Blood Sufficient Qi and Blood
      Hair Dry, hair loss, premature greying, split ends Black, dense, soft and supple
      Eyes Cloudy sclera, yellowing of the sclera, bloodshot, puffy eyebags, dryness, heavy eyelids Bright and alert eyes
      Skin Rough, dull, yellow tinge, pale, ruddy tone, brown patches and freckles Rosy, lustre ,supple, not much wrinkles, spotless
      Nails Too few or no half moons at the base of your fingernails Half moons at the base of all fingernails besides the pinky fingers
      Sleep Insomnia, light sleeper, nocturia, heavy breathing or snoring No problem with falling to sleep, deep sleep, consistent breathing, sleep well through the night
  • Benefits

    • 1. Promote Blood Cell Production.
      2. Relieve Cold Hands & Feet.
      3. Healthy Skin Complexion.

      Suitable for:
      1. Dizziness and blood deficiency.
      2. Physical weakness and cold.
      3. Complexion improvement and blood nourishment.
      4. Poor sleep quality.
      5. Cold hands and feet.
      6. Physical fatigue.

  • Ingredients

    • 大枣 Fructus Jujubae
      黑糖 Brown Sugar
      生姜 Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens
      炙黄芪 Radix Astragali Preparata
      白芍 Radix Et Paeoniae Alba
      桂枝 Ramulus Cinnamomi
      党参 Radix Codonopsis
      炒白术 Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae
      酸枣仁 Semen Ziziphi Spinosae
      龙眼肉 Arillus Longan
      茯苓 Poria
      当归 Radix Angelicae Sinensis
      远志 Radix Polygalae
      木香 Radix Aucklandiae
      大豆异黄酮 Soy Isoflavones

  • How to Use

    • Recommended Dosage:
      50ml each time, 1-2 times daily.

      Suitable for long term consumption.

      Store in a cool dry place with cap tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.

      No known side effect and contraindication.


  • Where to Buy

    • Central Zone

      Chinese Name English Name Address Contact No.
      医保总汇 Health n Wellness Pte Ltd  336 Smith Street New Bridge Centre, #02-300, Singapore 050336 (65) 62226406
      建志私人有限公司 Gainswell Trading Pte Ltd 531 Upper Cross Street (Hong Lim Complex), #03-08, Singapore 050531 (65) 6535 5118 / (65)
      6534 4552
      裕华国货 Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Ltd 70 Eu Tong Seng Street, Singapore 059805 (65) 6538 4222
      友谊中药 Yu TCM Pte Ltd 151 Chin Swee Road, #01-01/02 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876 (65) 6734 6525
      信祥参茸药行 Shinn Shyang Medical Company 149 Rochor Road, #B1-15 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425 (65) 6336 8031
      思恩中医药诊疗所 Si En TCM Medical Clinic Pte Ltd 10 Sineran Drive Square 2, #10-27 Novena Medical Center, Singapore 307508 (65) 6397 6720
      腾洋有机健康素食品 Teng Yang Organic Trading 70 Toa Payoh Lorong 4, #01-331, Singapore 310070 (65) 9386 0542
      万兴和昆记药行 Ban Hing Foh Koon Kee Medical Hall 124 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-489, Singapore 310124 (65) 6253 0405
      中和成参茸百货药行 Chong Hoe Sing Medical Store 211 Lor 8, Toa Payoh, #01-09, Singapore 310211 (65) 6252 4215
      泰星参茸药行 Tai Sin Chinese Medical Hall 68 Geylang Bahru, #01-3211, Singapore 330068 (65) 6444 1896
      杏春和参茸药行 Heng Choon Foh Medical Store 7 Jalan Batu, #01-105, Singapore 431007 (65) 6345 5155
      思恩中医药诊疗所 Si En TCM Medical Clinic Pte Ltd 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1670, Singapore 560202 (65) 6455 2089
      万寿春参茸药行 Wan Siew Choon Medical Hall 338 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-1619, Singapore 560338 (65) 6452 9376
      万山泉和记药行 Ban San Chuan Hoe Kee Medical Hall 410 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-819, Singapore 560410 (65) 6454 8949


      East Zone

      Chinese Name English Name Address Contact No.
      延寿春参茸药行酒庄 Yen Siew Choon Medical Hall(Chong Kee) 84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-69, Singapore 460084 (65) 6241 5061
      同兴堂(巴西立)参茸药行 Tong Xing Tang Ba Xi Li Can Rong Yao Han 259 Pasir Ris Street 21, #02-34, Singapore 510259 (65) 6581 5004
      仁康中医诊疗中心 Acuhealth Tcm Medical Centre 462 Tampines Street 44, #01-70, Singapore 520462 (65) 6781 0626


      North Zone

      Chinese Name English Name Address Contact No.
      泰星保健药行 Tai Sin Healthcare & Chinese Medicine 548 Woodlands Drive 44, #01-14, Singapore 730548 (65) 6468 6276
      泰星参茸药行 Tai Sin Chinese Medical Hall 678 Woodlands Ave 6, #01-732, Singapore 730678 (65) 6269 9215
      源川栈参茸药行 Guan Chuan Chan Medical Hall 1A Woodlands Central Road, #01-70, Singapore 731001 (65) 6269 3805


      North East Zone

      Chinese Name English Name Address Contact No.
      宏茂桥中医诊所 AMK TCM Clinic 102, Hougang Ave 1, #01-1191, Singapore 530102 (65) 6553 0811
      本草康目 Herbs Health Ben Cao Kang Mu Pte Ltd 210, Hougang Street 21, #01-237, Singapore 530210 (65) 6288 2546
      强安药行 Kiong Onn Medical Hall 682, Hougang Ave 4, #01-374, Singapore 530682 (65) 6386 7600
      德泉参茸药行 Teck Chong Medical Hall 2 Lorong Lew Lian, #01-40, Singapore 531002 (65) 6280 6814
      源安栈参茸药行 Yuan Ann Zhang Chinese Medical Hall 11 Rivervale Cressent, #01-31A Rivervale Mall, Singapore 545082 (65) 6489 2550


      West Zone

      Chinese Name English Name Address Contact No.
      思恩中医药诊疗所 Si En TCM Medical Clinic Pte Ltd 433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-264, Singapore 120433 (65) 6774 7900
      张鸿武中医药房 Teo Hong Boo Chinese Physician 249 Jurong East Street 24, #01-90, Singapore 600249 (65) 6561 1435
      (本草百汇) 同安堂 Thong Aun Tong Medical Store 252 Jurong East Street 24, #01-175, Singapore 600252 (65) 6563 6645
      宁山中医舍 (金影) Ling Shan TCM 351 Jurong East Street 31, #01-81, Singapore 600351 (65) 6561 9875
      永隆补品 Yong Long Tonic 492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-60, Singapore 640492 (65) 6896 4346
      长福补品 Chang Fu Tonic 497 Jurong West Street 41, #01-03, Singapore 640497 (65) 9148 4888
      源安栈参茸药行 Guan Ann Chan Ginseng Supplier 504 Jurong West Street 51, #01-239, Singapore 640504 (65) 6565 7151
      裕华国货 Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Ltd 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-05/06/07
      Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331
      (65) 6538 9233
      济生堂药行 Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall 154 Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-312, Singapore 650154 (65) 6566 1967
      新全针灸药行 Xin Quan Acupunture Treatment Centre & Medical Hall 505 Bukit Batok Street 52 (Bukit Batok East Ave 5), #01-145, Singapore 650505 (65) 6567 4581
      补皇之家 K.U.B.P. Trading 634 Bukit Batok Central, #01-114, Singapore 650634 (65) 6425 4690
      万翔中药行 Wan Siang Chinese Medical Hall 445 Fajar Road, #01-526, Singapore 670445 (65) 6763 3394
      金城药行 Kim Sang Medical Hall 144 Teck Whye Lane, #01-203, Singapore 680144 (65) 6766 4013
      泰星中西药行 Tai Sin Chinese Medical Hall 624 Choa Chu Kang Street 62, #01-236 Yew Tee Shopping Centre, Singapore 680624 (65) 6760 6001


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