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Power Fit 60's

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Improve stamina, maintain healthy male hormone levels, promote kidney function.
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  • Product Description

    • YI SHI YUAN POWER FIT - a combination of modern technology and traditional prescription, helps improve those problems by balancing “yin/yang” in men’s bodies. It contains high quality ingredients specially formulated to support energy, boost stamina, improve male health and hormonal balance.

      Cordyceps has always been a remedy for men with weak kidney and poor energy. Cordyceps extract powder is used as one of the ingredients in Power Fit to increase its efficacy. Cordyceps extract powder contains 100% water-soluble active ingredient from raw cordyceps. It offers better absorption than raw cordyceps and is suitable for diabetic patients.

      Quantity/bottle: 480mg x 60 capsules

      Each batch of products is tested and proven safe without any content of Western medicine.

  • Benefits

    • 1. Improve stamina, energy and endurance.
      2. Maintain healthy male hormone levels.
      3. Promote healthy kidney function.
      4. Support gains in muscle mass.
      5. Improve overall vitality.

  • Ingredients

    • Each 350mg capsule contains raw herbs as below:

      玛卡提取物 Lepidium Meyenii..........80.00mg
      淫羊藿 Herba Epimedii..........50.00mg
      虫草多糖 Cordyceps Extract Powder..........350.00mg

  • How to Use

    • Recommended Dosage:
      Take 2 capsules, 1-2 times daily (preferably 30 minutes before meal).

      Take as a dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children.

      No known side effects and contraindications.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Q: Is there any side effect of taking Power Fit?
      A: Power Fit is made from 100% pure natural herbs. Therefore, it provides no side effects and is 100% safe for consumption.

      Q: Can fast result be achieved by taking Power Fit?
      A: It depends on individual’s body conditions. Balanced lifestyle is highly recommended during the period of taking Power Fit. It is suggested to avoid sleeping late, poor emotion and hectic schedule so that the improvements can be achieved in shorter days.

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