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Our Story


Founded in 1983, Yi Shi Yuan is not only committed to the R&D (research and development), manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing of Chinese proprietary medicine, but also develop overseas cooperative projects. With the long-term vision of becoming a quality, reputation-integrated manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore, Yi Shi Yuan has developed step by step to the present.

The perfect pharmaceutical technology has made Yi Shi Yuan the first Chinese medicine manufacturer approved by the Health Science Authority (HSA) in Singapore (CPMM0001).

Yi Shi Yuan’s three first honours in Singapore:
> The first Chinese medicine manufacturer approved by the Health Science Authority
> The first manufacturer to manufacture liquid mixture.
> The first manufacturer to manufacture ultrafine powder.

In keeping up with the times, Yi Shi Yuan has become a GMP (PIC/S) certified Chinese medicine manufacturer in Singapore, owing GMP certified plant and GMP-compliant production facility. The full range of services provided include production formulation, purchase of raw materials, production, packaging, lab test, product registration and delivery etc. The product dosage forms that can be produce include four categories: liquid, ultrafine powder, capsule and teabag. From the original medicinal materials to the finished products, Yi Shi Yuan strives to be personally involved. Every production stage is strictly controlled make its finished products truly 1000% made in Singapore.

The Chinese proprietary medicine and health products are distributed in Singapore (mainly supplied to Chinese medicine hospitals, clinics, Chinese medicine practitioners and charities) and overseas markets, and have received good reviews. It is also the designated OEM manufacturer of many well-known Chinese medicine enterprises. Yi Shi Yuan also often cooperates with major Chinese medicine hospitals and charities to support the clinical research and development of new Chinese medicines.

Yi Shi Yuan upholds the integrity of “producing medicine with conscience” and aim to provide healthier and more effective Chinese proprietary medicines and health products for its customers.

About YI SHI YUAN Ultrafine Powder


Crushing is the basic processing and preparation method of TCM. Combining modern high-tech with traditional processing and preparation technology, it has produced a new traditional Chinese medicine preparation – ultrafine powder. Ultrafine powder, which maintains the inherent efficacy of TCM, is a new Chinese medicine preparation with a particle size of micron. This high-tech is called – ultrafine pulverization process.

The ultrafine pulverization process is applied to the field of traditional Chinese medicine, and has the following advantages:

Enhance Dissolution rate Bioavailability Efficacy
Reduce Usage amount Raw material consumption Production of medication costs


Five Characteristic of Ultrafine Powder:
> Made by breaking the cell walls of herbs, hence easily absorbed by human body 
> Retain the characteristic, taste properties and efficacy of raw herbs.
> No granules of impurities and starch
> More concentrated and purer
> Similar to raw herbs in terms of effect of decoction, taste, efficacy and compatibilit

Comparison Between Ultrafine Powder and Extract:

  Ultrafine Powder Extract/Granules
Basic Preparation Method Superfine pulverization to 300 mesh 
*Cell wall breaking rate > 95
Original drug extraction and concentration 
*Added starch or other additives 
Concentration Rate 5-8x 1-5x
Raw Material Usage Low High
Raw Material Utilization Rate High (100%) Low
Cost Low High
Ingredients Retain all active ingredients Discard some parts of unknown active ingredients


About YI SHI YUAN Liquid/Mixture


The Characteristics of YI SHI YUAN Liquid Mixture:
> 1st manufacturer in Singapore to produce liquid products (> 20 years’ experience).
> A small amount of stevia was added as a sweetener without destroying purity and efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine.
> 100% alcohol free. Good taste.
> High efficacy with reasonable price.


About YI SHI YUAN Capsules


The Characteristics of YI SHI YUAN Capsules:
> Clean and easy to carry.
> Easy to swallow, accurate capsule weight.
> Able to mask the” unpleasant smell & taste” of herbs.
> Effective and high in bioavailability (fast response).
> Stable; Free from preservatives and starch.

Advantages in YI SHI YUAN OEM Services


In addition to producing its own brand products, Yi Shi Yuan also provides OEM services to customers. Our production facilities and operations are in strict compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Yi Shi Yuan currently has hundreds of registered products in Singapore. We have professional knowledge in product development and registration. From raw material procurement to production packaging, from delivery to after-sales service, we have a professional team to provide you with all-round assistance.

The advantages of Yi Shi Yuan OEM services:
> Years of experience in the production of Chinese proprietary medicines and health products.
> High standard modern clean room plant (ISO14644, class 100,000), which reduces production time and increases productivity.
> GMP certified production rooms and equipment.
> Various product dosage forms: liquid, ultrafine powder, capsules, tea.
> Perfect one-stop services: product formulation, product registration, product testing, raw material procurement, production, lab test, packaging, printing, delivery, after-sales service, etc.