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Healthy Living by YSY Health Tips

“Qing Fei Pai Du Tang" Can Effectively Treat COVID-19

Currently, coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing its spread across the world. The number of confirmed cases will break 3 million very soon. Coronavirus has a long incubation period, strong infectivity, and is generally susceptible to all kinds of people. It has had huge impact people’s health, economic development, and social stability. There is currently no targeted medicine that can effectively treat this disease....


Good healthcare maintenance does not begin and end with just taking tonic or supplements. The body needs to detox first. Large quantity of waste su..

What Is Asthma & How Can It be Treated With Natural Remedies

Asthma is an inflammatory disease that obstructs the airways and makes it difficult for the patient to get enough oxygen into his lungs..

Are There Natural Remedies For Arthritis?

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a health condition that is associated with symptoms such as swelling of the joints and pain. This is an extremely di..


When the reproductive ability of a woman stops, that is called menopause. This is a natural change in the body of every woman between 40 and 60 years ..

About Belly Fats

Do you know that belly fats not only affects a person in terms of appearance, it also has a lot of other health complications, as follows: 1) Hyperte..
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